Australia Permanent Residency

Australia Permanent Residency

Your Best Opportunity to Live and Work In Australia

Australia has long been renowned as a desirable country for people looking for permanent residence or citizenship. Individuals are attracted to its thriving economy and the buoyant job market. Permanent residence in Australia offers a better quality of life and a multicultural society where peace and harmony prevail.

Non-Australians require a work visa, which leads to permanent settlement.  Visas are available to skilled workers, people participating in specific activities, highly specialized workers, and more with a validity of 12 months to 4 years.

The benefits of a residence permit are you can move to Australia with your family.

Applications for citizenship can be made after living in Australia for three years.


– Free to live and travel within Australia

– Pursue higher education in Australia

– Individual educational loans are made available to you

– Social Security benefits after two years

– Sponsor family members

– Apply for government jobs

– Travel to New Zealand

– Retirement benefits

General eligibility requirements:

There are many categories under you can apply for permanent settlement in Australia.  Each visa category has different eligibility that is scored on a points-based system:

Points determine your eligibility, and you must score a minimum of 65 points to meet Australia’s migration requirements:

There are three categories of Skilled Occupation applications:
  • Medium- and long-term Strategic Skills List
  • Short-term Skilled Occupation List
  • Regional Occupations List
  • PR Visa Categories available: Australia has many options to apply for permanent residency; our immigration lawyers at Migration Chamber will calculate and assess your profile to find the most suitable solution based on your goals and requirements.
  • Family-stream: This category is for people who have a spouse/partner, children or parents who already are Australian citizens or have permanent residence.
  • Business or Investment-stream: This stream is for those willing to invest in Australia for business purposes. To meet the eligibility requirement of this stream applicants should have had the provisional visa (subclass 188) for a minimum one year as well meeting the financial prerequisities.
  • Work-stream visas: This visa stream is for working professioanls who are sponsored by an Australian company. There a number of subcategories of this stream


1:  Eligibility requirements

  1. Meeting the eligibility requirements.
  2. Verify your occupation is present on the list of occupations in demand.
  3. Having the required points.

2: English Test

Australian immigration authorities recognise various English ability tests like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc. Any of these test will help you meet English Proficiency requirements for Australia.

3: Skills Assessment

The Skills assessment authority is an organization that will assess your skills, education and work experience to Australian standards.

4: Making an Expression of Interest

You must register an “Expression of Interest” (EOI) on Australia’s SkillSelect website. An online form is to be submitted on the SkillSelect portal where you are required to give responses to questions on your skillset relating to the visa subclass appled for.

There are 3 visa categories that you can apply for Permanent Residence for Australia:

  1. Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)
  2. Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)
  3. Skilled Regional Provisional (Subclass 491)

Subclass (189 & 190) are permanent visas and Subclass (491) visa is valid for five years and be converted to a Australia Residence Permanent.

All the above informed is required for the online application.

5: Getting Invitation to Apply or (ITA)

After your online application successfully meets all requirements you will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Australia Permanent Residence.

6: Application Submission

Applications must be submitted with 60 days after online approval is received. Migration Chambers ensures your case application has all supporting documention  for processing.

7: Receiving Clearance Certificates

Police & Medical clearance certificates must also be submitted.

8:  Ge your Australia Permanent Residency.

And the final stage is actually receiving your Permanent Residence visa.