Permanent residency for Canada


Permanent residency for Canada

Apply for A Canadian Visa to Get Better Opportunities in Life. Skilled Workforce all around the globe prefer an expat lifestyle today for better work opportunities and the lifestyle. It is imperative for them to understand the exact visa norms of the country they are keen on migrating to. For those willing to apply for Canadian visa, seeking the guidance of a Canadian visa expert, will be help them understand the basics of the Immigration system. These professionals will also inform you of your eligibility for different programs and assist you in filing the application form accurately. Canadian visa experts also give you a clear picture of you overall score and advice you on the best method to increase your points so that they have a successful outcome when they apply for Canadian Visa.

What are the basics of a Canada PR visa?

Canada PR visa and Canada work visa are considered as lucrative prospects as they give foreign nationals an opportunity to live, establish themselves and thrive in Canada. We offer a wide range of Immigration programs or permanent residence and employer sponsorship. You can acquire your Canadian PR by any of the following routes including skilled immigrant, family sponsorship or investor entrepreneurs. Professionals will help you to apply for a Canadian visa even with the help of Provincial Nomination. The PNP route targets skilled workforce from overseas and nominates them to work in a selected province thus helping immigrants have a higher chance of securing a job in Canada. Another valuable option would be applying for a Canada work visa that helps you migrate to Canada and enjoy a better standard of living. Provincial Nomination Program Canada. Immigration to Canada is gaining more impetus than ever over the last decade. Increasing awareness in Immigration programs coupled with the desire to Immigration overseas for better career prospects and a secured future has resulted in a tremendous change in the migration pattern annually. People today are seeking out new avenues not only for employment programs but also residency programs that help them settle permanently overseas.

The Express Entry or Permanent Residency program has always been the pinnacle of Canadian Immigration system and has helped the secure permanent settlement of over thousands of foreigners in Canada over the past few years. For the Canada PR Program, there is a strict eligibility criterion and qualifying candidates are scrutinized on several factors and assigned a score. A cut off score is set determining which Candidates are issued an Invitation as per the standard protocol.

A masterstroke in Canadian Immigration has been the introduction of the Provincial Nomination Programs. In layman terms, these PNP’s have been a saving grace for those applicants who do not qualify under the Express Entry draw and are desirous of Immigrating to Canada under an alternative route. These programs are configured in a manner to address the labour market requirements of the province thereby targeting workers with skills required in the province.


Canada is divided into 10 provinces for better administration. Each province is distinct in its features like demographics, climatic conditions, economic conditions, rate of development and employment ratio. Whiles provinces like Ontario and British Columbia are most populated provinces with an influx of Immigrants and local residents; there are some regions in Canada where the population is much scarce. These regions require skilled workers in abundance for promoting their development. This the basic premise of the PNP system.

The Provincial Nomination programs are further classified into different streams. This sub-division is devised bearing in mind the requirement of particular skills in the province. One stream of the PNP programs is aligned with the Federal Express Entry system. Candidates are advised to have their Express Entry profile lodged to be nominated under this program. Another stream is the employer-driven stream which is based on a job offer from a local employer. Candidates securing an employment offer from an employer in the province are automatically selected provided they comply with other requirements.

The Skilled worker stream is another points-based system program that qualifies candidates on a different panel stated by the province and invites the applicant to immigrate to the province. The International Graduate stream is meant for Graduates from an educational institute in the province intending to settle the province. The Entrepreneur and Business branch of the PNP system are for foreign Entrepreneurs interested in establishing their business in the province.


It is imperative that applicant meets all the criteria enlisted under the designated Provincial Nomination program. This includes age, educational qualifications, skilled work experience in Canada or Overseas and the language proficiency requirements. Applicants meeting the statutory requirements are issued an invitation to migrate to the province and settle with their families. A crucial requirement under this program is that the candidate intends to settle in the province and establish themselves there. It is a mandatory rule for them to live in the designated province for a minimum period of 2 years before they plan to relocate to another province in Canada. Provincial Nomination Program Canada.