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The Czech Republic’s Central Placement in Europe Makes it an Attractive Location to Live & Work.

Czech Republic Visa

To start working in the Czech Republic, you have to apply for a Czech work visa, known as an Employee Card. The Employee Card is issued to a non-EU citizen who has an offer of employment from a Czech employer.

Do I Need a Visa to Work in the Czech Republic?
Everyone who is not from the EU/EEA/Switzerland needs a visa and a work permit (Employee Card) to work in the Czech Republic. This rule applies even if you will work in the Czech Republic for less than 90 days. Citizens of EU/EEA/Swiss can work without any restrictions in the Czech Republic.

Types of Czech Republic Work Permits
There are three different work permits for the Czech Republic:

  • The Employee Card.
  • The Blue Card.
  • The Intra-Company Transferee Card.

Employee Card
The employee card is a permit for long-stay that allows citizens of foreign countries to live and work in the Czech Republic. The Employee Card is always related to the specific job and employer for which it was issued. An employee card is valid for two years, but it can be extended depending on the case. It is like an ID card, plastic with biometric features on it.

Czech EU Blue Card
The EU Blue Card is issued to non-EU citizens who have higher professional or educational qualifications and have a job offer from a Czech employer. The Czech Blue Card is valid for two years and can be renewed. EU/EEA/Swiss citizens and their family members do not need a Blue Card to work in the Czech Republic.

Intra-Company Transferee Card
The intra-company transferee card allows foreign country citizens to transfer their work in the Czech Republic to higher positions as a manager or specialist for three years and as an employed intern for one year.

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