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Portugal Has Been the Top Choice Of Europe Aspirants

Being the oldest nation in the European continent, Portugal is famous for its beautiful and historical sites. For individuals who want to start a business, or want to expand their business abroad, Portugal can be a perfect choice.

Reach out to the best registered immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE if you are planning to immigrate to Portugal through investment. The most reputed and qualified visa consultants in Dubai can help you in making the application process stress-free.

At Across The Globe Consultants, we let the applicants realize advantages and disadvantages of immigration, immigration requirements, and immigration application processing time.

Further, at Across The Globe Consultants, we also let the applicants know how to apply for various types of visas. These include employment visa, permanent resident visa, temporary resident visa, family sponsorship visa, spouse sponsorship visa, and so forth.

The fastest-growing market of Portugal offers many great opportunities to prospective investors. It summons to the investors and provides services like:

  1. Reside and work within Portugal.
  2. Travel in the Schengen countries without a visa.
  3. Residence permit waiver for arriving in Portugal.
  4. The investors can bring their family members to Portugal.
  5. PR or citizenship of Portugal after living there for 5 years. 

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