Overseas Sole Representative Visa

Overseas companies looking to start a new business branch, a sub-office or a subsidiary can send a senior member of the employee of the company as a sole repetitive of the company to the UK. The parent company should reside outside the country.  An employee of overseas newspapers, broadcasting agencies are eligible for this visa. This visa type allows a senior member of the company to travel to the UK and establish a business branch. His sole responsibilities must be meeting the staff, arranging meetings and opening offices.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Requirements for the employee
  • Must be a resident of outside EEA
  • Must have sufficient funds to survive in the country. Solid proof of residential and family expenditures for you and your family
  • Must be employed by the parent company himself outside the UK
  • Must have English language proficiency 
  • The applicant should not be a major shareholder in the company, must not own more than 50% shares in the parent company
  • The applicant should be a senior employee of the company. The Home office would checkout if you have been making operational decisions at the parent company or not
  • Relevant work track, employment history explaining why you are selected as a sole representative of the subsidiary/branch
  • The sole representative must ensure that he will work only for the designated company’s employee and will not take any other employment no matter what

Requirements for the employee

  • The company must have designated the company’s office outside the UK
  • The overseas company should not already have a company’s office in the UK
  • The UK office must have the same nature of business as the parent company
  • The company must be a registered entity outside the UK and in working condition
  • The new subsidiary must not stop trading outside the UK. The parent company should be in perfect condition to perform

Upon fulfilling all of the above requirements, you will be given residency in the UK for 3 years.

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